What computing devices can I use to access PowerSchool?
Any computing device with a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari) and an Internet connection will work. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Is the information that we are sending back and forth about the students, staff, and teachers encrypted? 
Yes. The school is following the federal guidelines to keep our information secure.

Do I have to change my password?
For the safety of our students' confidential information, please select a password that is secure. For your own security, use different passwords for different applications.

What happens if I forget to logout? Why am I always being logged out?
If you have not accessed PowerSchool for approximately 30 minutes, you will automatically be logged out as a security measure. 

Why can't I find a student?
If the student is located in another school, then you might not have rights to view students in that school.
If the student has transferred out of the school, then the student is no longer active. You need to prefix the name with a forward slash (/) to view an inactive student.
If the student has graduated from the school, then you might not have rights to view graduated students.

Why can't I see certain screens of student data or view specific fields on a screen?
The policy of the school is granting a person the minimal access rights required to perform their job. This helps the school comply with state and federal regulations regarding student data privacy. For example - a staff member would not have access to student medical information.

Can I print what I see in PowerSchool?
The best way to print is to use the Print Page icon located at the top of the page in PowerSchool.

What happens to my reports that are left in the report queue?
Your reports are held for 10 days then automatically deleted for security.

How do I use email to communicate in PowerSchool?
PowerSchool is configured to work with client email systems like Microsoft Outlook. 
PowerSchool does not work with web-based email systems like Google Gmail. 
To use a web-based email system like Google Gmail, hover the mouse over the teacher’s name and a ‘mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’ will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen.  Copy this address into your web-based email system and send message.

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